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Clarke Adventure Fuel Filter

Clarke Adventure Fuel Filter

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HID Lights

HID Lighting makes use of Xenon rather than traditional halogen bulbs to give you more than three times the illumination. These high density bulbs emit a light intensity that is ideal for drivers and those who need to work in the dark or in tough elements. You'll find HID lighting options for many outdoor and automotive applications.

Drivers in need of flood lights, off road lights, fog lights or driving lights know that HID Lighting offers the most reliable, convenient and powerful choices for anyone that needs to battle darkness and weather in work or play. Before you spend money on driving lights for your vehicle, consider your needs and what it is you want. Will you need lighting for work applications in poor weather, off road lights for camping and recreational use, or driving lights for other purposes? HID Lighting offers the options to cover all of these applications.

If you're dealing with foggy conditions or late night usage, HID Lighting has powerful flood beams that work in the dead of night. This is off road technology that's four times more powerful than standard lighting; but, the benefits don't stop at the illuminating effects. In fact, it's as much the other components that go into HID Lighting fixtures that make them the standard in outdoor lighting applications. Sturdy steel construction and protective finishes ensure that your lighting investment is a sound one. The housings, accessories and casings for all HID Lighting options are lightweight and strong for folks who work in the roughest conditions doing the toughest work out there.


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1988-2000 Chevy/GMC Full-Size Pickup 34 gallon Sending Unit

1988-2000 Chevy/GMC Full-Size Pickup 34 gallon Sending Unit

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